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Terran Star State

Star map inner Core
The inner Core - Systems and trade routes (high resolution)

The Terran Star State encompasses the civilized space of humanity. It consists of star systems which have been claimed for humankind since the first successful faster-than-light journey of the year 2145. The area of the state is not sharply delimited - its borders are pushed out into unknown space constantly. About 300.000 star systems within a 600 parsec radius around Sol, home of humankind, are considered part of the Terran Star State. About 50.000 of those systems harbor settlements numbering more than 1.000 human residents.


The Terran Star State reaches out from the core systems Sol, Alpha Centauri and Sirius, to the far stars Acrux, Beteigeuze and the Pleiades. Space is divided roughly into two sections, the Core and the Rim. While the core section includes only stars within a 30 parsec radius around Sol, the outer zone encompasses all other star systems. The space of the Rim is by far too vast to allow the government and corporations to exercise extensive control over all inhabited worlds. Instead, they are satisfied with upholding order within the Core, using massive presence and incentives for cooperative citizens.


A total population of 150 billion humans inhabits the Terran Star State of 2246. About 70 percent of the population is concentrated in the Core systems, the other 30 percent live on systems within the Rim. However, 99 percent of colonies are situated within the Rim. Civilization has become ethnically homogenous after the decline of national states, though there still are places with ethnic majorities due to traditions. A considerable fraction of the population has been brought to life not by natural means, but artificially through the production facilities of the 'Echelon Biolabs' corporation. These people form a distinct group within the civilization, which is recognizable partly by their outward appearance, partly even by their special abilities, like psionics. They are, however, able to reproduce with naturally conceived humans, so those two groups became intermingled as the years passed.

Terra Haven

'Terra Haven' is the capital city of the Terran Star State, seat of government (the CSE) and home to around 250 million humans. This makes 'Terra Haven' the largest metropolis of human civilization. 'Terra Haven' is an artificial city, constructed at the shores of western Europe on planet Earth during the reconstruction following the "Unity"-disaster. The first of the atmospheric purifiers were installed in 'Terra Haven', which quickly let the city become a magnet for the surviving population. Rapid growth ensued and even gained in momentum during the following decades. Today, the city has up to twenty-four vertically stacked levels. It reaches down several kilometers into the ground, and even higher up into the sky. In 'Terra Haven', you will find the highest spacescrapers, the most wide-streched parks, the most powerful corporations, the most corrupt politicians, the most run-down sub-levels, the most dangerous criminal organizations, the wealthiest and poorest people within the Terran Star State - all combined in one vast city.

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