Game Rules

The game rules of Xegity

The center of the game rules of Xegity is, above all, the game. Rules are complex and encompassing enough to cover all the usual procedures during a typical game session. However, the most important rule is to put the rules aside if it serves the enjoyment of the players. Remember that Xegity is a game, and a game is only as good as the fun you have playing it!

The game rules included here are designed so they may be used for most science-fiction settings. Of course, they harmonize especially well with the universe of Xegity, which is described in detail in another volume. All mechanisms and characteristics described in this ruleset can be put to use in the world of Xegity. If you want to use the game rules of Xegity with another science-fiction setting, you can leave out or alter certain parts of the rules as you see fit. Aside from that, the ruleset offers all you need for roleplaying in a technologically advanced game world. You will discover more about that in the following sections.

Boxes like this one contain additional remarks which may be useful for understanding the preceding explanations, or simply further information about a topic which is not strictly necessary for using the material.

As far as appropriate, gender specific terms used in this book are meant to include members of both sexes. No discrimnination of males or females is intended.

The most important of all rules: Do not take any rule as set in stone. Should you ever find that a rule does not fit in with your style of playing or your game setting, do not hesitate to change that rule or even get rid of it completely! If in doubt, the gamemaster decides so the flow of the game does not suffer.

If you have never played a roleplaying game before, you might want to have a look at a short introduction in the following sections. More experienced players may want to know that the rules of Xegity are based on a pool system with a 50% target number. Characters have attributes, weaknesses and abilities as well as a number of derived values.

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