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(This is important legal information required by German law. In any case, only the German text in this privacy statement is authoritative. Translations are provided for informational purposes only. The German language version is available here.)

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The protection of your personal data and your privacy while using this website is an important concern to us. Your data is protected according to law. In the following text, you find information about which data is obtained on your visit to this website, and how it is used:

Obtaining and using data

Every access to this website and files stored on this website is logged. The data is used for internal system and statistical purposes. The following data is logged: Name of the requested resource, date and time of the request, size of transferred data, notice about the success of the request, web browser and request host.

In addition, the IP addresses of requesting clients are logged.

Further personal data is obtained only if you voluntarily provide such data, for example in a request or during registration.

Data obtained when using cookies

This website uses cookies to use data across several requests to the server and to allow mapping this data to user accounts. A cookie is a text file which is saved by your web browser.

You can configure you web browser not to accept cookies from this website. If your web browser accepts cookies, a randomly generated session-ID is assigned to your request. This session-ID is stored on the server and used to map further requests to the session. The session-ID does not contain any personal data. The session-ID is deleted if you delete the related cookie, or if the cookie is deleted because its maximum age is reached. The maximum age of a cookie usually is 24 hours if you are not logged in to a user account.

Some features of this website (for example, user accounts) are usable only with cookies enabled!

Data obtained when using a user account

If you create a user account for this website, the following data is stored in addition to the data mentioned above: A username chosen by you, a password and an e-mail address. The e-mail address will not be made available to third parties without your consent and is used only for management of your user account. With your consent, the e-mail address may be used to send information about offers provided by this website to you. This data is stored until you delete your account.

Usage and sharing of personal data

As far as you have made personal data available to us, we will only use it for answering your requests, to fulfill contracts made with you or for technical administration.

Your personal data will be shared with third parties only of it is necessary to fulfill the contract, if it is necessary for billing or with your consent. You have the right to revoke your agreement at any time with validity for the future.

Stored personal data is deleted if knowledge of such data is not required anymore for the intended purpose, or if storage is not allowed for other legal reasons.

Right of access to personal data

By written request, we will gladly provide you with information on data stored about your person.

Security notice

We try to protect your personal data as best as possible by technical and organisational means to make it inacessible to third parties. When using e-mail for communications, total security of data can not be guaranteed. It is recommended that you use conventional mail for confidential information.

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